Dana Rohrabacher voted for HR 806.  "This bill... would permanently upend the way restrictions are imposed on the ozone and small particulate matter that make up smog.  No longer would regulators base decisions solely on scientific findings about what level of smog is safe to breathe." This would roll back California's ability to control its own smog standards -- something for which we're world renowned.  More details are in the Los Angeles Times article.  Again, he's voting against California's interests.  Dump Dana

Putin's favorite congressmanHe said that the Russian interference in the US election was a "brouhaha over nothing". Really? The FBI, NSA and other security agencies disagree. Russia ordered a cyber attack on the United States. Dana's "brouhaha" statement is truly disturbing -- and shows how out-of-touch he is with the people he represents. Even the GOP leadership joked that Rohrabacher and Trump were being paid off by Putin (maybe a joke, and maybe not -- if it was really a joke, it's seems odd that Paul Ryan would say "This is an off the record. No leaks, all right? This is how we know we’re a real family here.") Dump Dana.


He voted for HJ Resolution 69, which allows killing wolf and bear cubs in their dens, hibernating bears, hunting bears from aircraft, and using inhumane steel-jawed leghold traps and snares. This is on our national wildlife refuges -- 76 million acres of OUR land. Sickening. This does not represent the OC I live in. Dump Dana.




Dana voted for the AHCA (American Health Care Act). It has more problems than can be listed here, but here's a pretty good article on its issues. This bill was rushed through the approval process without input from healthcare professionals, and it shows. “To think you are going to revamp the entire American healthcare system without involving any of the people who actually deliver healthcare is insanity,” said Sister Carol Keehan, president of the Catholic Health Assn., whose members include many of the nation’s largest medical systems.

It was pushed so quickly, many congressmen didn't even have time to read it.  The Congressional Budget Office didn't have time to do an independent evaluation of its costs or effect on consumers.

Why the rush? To give President Trump a "win" -- simple as that.  Dana said that to not pass the bill would "emasculate Trump" (direct quote).  Gee... thanks Dana. That's really thinking about the best interests of the people you represent. Oh... and one other reason Dana supports the AHCA: he accepted over $300,000 from related insurance and financial companies. Dump Dana. 


Dana Rohrabacher voted for HJ Resolution 38 (dismantling the Clean Stream Act). So we're now allowing companies to dump mining waste into streams. Even worse, this resolution removed monitoring the streams -- so we won't even know how much they're damaged or the amount of heavy metals going into them. All this so coal mining companies could make more money, and theoretically create more coal mining jobs.  How many coal miners live in your district, Dana?  Zero.  How about pushing for more solar power incentives -- there were 20,000 new jobs created in California for solar design & installation in 2015.  Better for us (Orange County and California), better for the environment. We need leaders who will take us to the future -- not the past. Look at Germany: producing almost all of their power from renewable sources. We should have leaders with higher goals than coal. Dump Dana.


Dana Rohrabacher won't hold a in-person town hall meeting. The people he represents have been asking for 4 months for a meeting. People have protested. They are now holding mock town hall meetings themselves with Dana represented as an "empty suit". Very fitting. Dump Dana.




Yup -- LESS protections. It's unbelievable that he's forgotten about the Deepwater Horizon spill that cost $62 Billion. He claims to be for all energy production, including renewable energy sources.  But that's a lie.  His voting record tells the truth.  He's in Big Oil's pocket, and votes against expanding renewable energy. How is any of this in the interest of Orange County residents? Dump Dana.




According to Dana:  "You don't cut the balls off a bull and then expect that he can go out and get the job done.  This will emasculate Trump and we can't do that... Trump will have lost all of his leverage to pass whatever bill it is, whether it's the tax bill or whatever reforms that he wants".

Yeah... "whatever he wants".  Translation:  "I will always support Trump no matter what. Even if it goes against my voters' wishes or best interests."  Russia?  Our friends, even if they did launch a cyber attack against us.  Environment?  Who cares.  Wildlife?  Go to a zoo.  CBO estimate of $10 trillion deficit?  Fake news.

This is beyond "party over people" -- it's ridiculous and outrageous.

We don't need a presidential butt-kisser -- not for this, or any other, president. We need someone who will accurately represent OUR interests in Washington. Dump Dana.


Dana Rohrabacher turned off his FAX, so he wouldn't get input from his Orange County constituents.  He doesn't care.  He doesn't even want to be bothered with getting FAX's that he won't read.  In contrast, the same FAX sent to our Senators went through quickly & easily. Interesting huh? Dump Dana.


Members of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology just sent a letter to the President, asking him to support staffing of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), and to make use of the office for reliable evidence-based decision making. Even though Dana is a member of this committee, his signature on the letter is notably absent. He does not support using science in the decision making process. He should not be on that committee, and should not be representing us in congress. Dump Dana.