According to Dana:  "You don't cut the balls off a bull and then expect that he can go out and get the job done.  This will emasculate Trump and we can't do that... Trump will have lost all of his leverage to pass whatever bill it is, whether it's the tax bill or whatever reforms that he wants".

Yeah... "whatever he wants".  Translation:  "I will always support Trump no matter what. Even if it goes against my voters' wishes or best interests."  Russia?  Our friends, even if they did launch a cyber attack against us.  Environment?  Who cares.  Wildlife?  Go to a zoo.  CBO estimate of $10 trillion deficit?  Fake news.

This is beyond "party over people" -- it's ridiculous and outrageous.

We don't need a presidential butt-kisser -- not for this, or any other, president. We need someone who will accurately represent OUR interests in Washington. Dump Dana.