Dana voted for the AHCA (American Health Care Act). It has more problems than can be listed here, but here's a pretty good article on its issues. This bill was rushed through the approval process without input from healthcare professionals, and it shows. “To think you are going to revamp the entire American healthcare system without involving any of the people who actually deliver healthcare is insanity,” said Sister Carol Keehan, president of the Catholic Health Assn., whose members include many of the nation’s largest medical systems.

It was pushed so quickly, many congressmen didn't even have time to read it.  The Congressional Budget Office didn't have time to do an independent evaluation of its costs or effect on consumers.

Why the rush? To give President Trump a "win" -- simple as that.  Dana said that to not pass the bill would "emasculate Trump" (direct quote).  Gee... thanks Dana. That's really thinking about the best interests of the people you represent. Oh... and one other reason Dana supports the AHCA: he accepted over $300,000 from related insurance and financial companies. Dump Dana.